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RKMRouting Key Management
RKMRamakrishna Mission
RKMRaj Kumar (Indian actor)
RKMRunge Kutta Methods (mathematical research)
RKMRichard King Mellon Foundation (Pittsburgh, PA)
RKMRoute Kilometer
RKMReligious Kibbutz Movement (Israel)
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Aniszewska, "Multiplicative Runge Kutta methods," Nonlinear Dynamics, vol.
The fifth edition retains material added to previous editions, such as business and financial mathematics useful for annuities, growth of funds, and interest payments; topics in statistics and nonlinear regression; and Runge Kutta methods for differential equations useful in drug kinetics.
Butcher, A history of Runge Kutta methods," Applied Numerical Mathematics, 20, 247-260(1996).
In [6] we constructed a class of Fast Collocation methods (FCOLL methods) and in [4] two classes of Fast Runge Kutta methods (FVRK methods), explicit methods of Pouzet type (FPVRK methods) and implicit methods of De Hoog and Weiss type (FHVRK methods), with the aim of using the Laplace transform of the kernel in order to reduce the computational cost of classical methods for VIEs.
In Section 2 we describe briefly the Fast Collocation and the Fast Runge Kutta methods. In Sections 3 and 4, we report the stability analysis of both classes of fast methods.