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RTILReal Time Interval Logic
RTILRoom Temperature Ionic Liquid
RTILReliance Telecom Infrastructure Ltd.
RTILRunway Threshold Identification Light (airports)
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Editing markup - replacement of runway side lights (omnidirectional function retained) by recessed lights (45 m wide), - installation of papi 21 (standard slope with a 5 offset to the east), - setting up runway threshold identification lights (rtils) at thresholds 03 and 21, - simple touchdown zone lights in qfu03 and qfu21 according to easa cs-adr-dsn.m.696, - replacement of primary cables, - modification of the stopping points of the threshold 03, - installation of traffic lane axis lights.
Both sequenced flashing and runway threshold identification lights (RTILS) can be used with this system and it is possible to control both types individually or together.
The systems consist of lights for: Runway High Intensity Light Edge White, Taxiway edge, Runway Threshold Identification Lights, Combined Runway Threshold and End, Threshold wing, Constant Current Regulators (CCR), Isolating Transformers, Base plates, Lenses and Primary connectors.
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