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RVRRunway Visual Range
RVRRealm versus Realm
RVRRegionalverband Ruhr (Ruhr area, Germany)
RVRRother Valley Railway (UK)
RVRRealm Versus Realm (game)
RVRRenal Vascular Resistance
RVRResistance to Venous Return
RVRRuimtelijk Veiligheidsrapport (Dutch: Spatial Safety Report)
RVRRapid Ventricular Response
RVRRisk vs. Reward (gaming)
RVRRound Valley Reservoir (New Jersey)
RVRReduced Vestibular Response (biology)
RVRRecursive Variance Reduction
RVRRecreational Vehicle Runner (Mitsubishi)
RVRRobotic Vehicle Range
RVRRoyal Victorian Regiment (Victoria, Australian Rifle Regiment)
RVRRoamer Verification and Reinstatement
RVRRadio Qui Vous Ressemble (French radio station)
RVRRésistance Vasculaire Rénale (French: Renal Vascular Resistance)
RVRRichmond, VA Staples Mill Road (Amtrak Station Code)
RVRRelationship Value Rate
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The Finnish company's PC-based solution provides fully-automated runway visual range assessment and reporting.
The runway visual range system is used by air traffic controllers to provide information to pilots on runway visibility in order to secure safer landings.
The FAA helps us confuse runway visual range (RVR) with flight visibility, but they're different concepts.
The CAT II MET equipment includes sensors to measure variables essential to aviation safety wind, pressure, humidity and temperature, visibility, runway visual range (RVR), a rain gauge to measure precipitation levels, and a ceilometer to measure cloud base.
While flying an ILS approach, the pilot of a Lancair LC41 (the basis of today's Cessna Corvalis) was advised by the tower controller that the runway visual range (RVR) was 600 feet.
At India's busiest airport, the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, no flight could take off between 12 midnight and 10 am on Saturday after the Runway Visual Range failed.
The airlines claim that the airport has yet to complete testing for Category II landings that allow aircraft to land with a runway visual range of 350 metres, Reuters reported.
Tenders are invited for installation of a localizer (loc)/distance measuring equipment (dme), rollout runway visual range (rvr), and glide slope (gs) to serve runway.
A pilot from Virginia asked whether a pilot may operate an aircraft below a published DH/DA or MDA if the pilot has the runway in sight but the runway visual range or RVR is reported at less than the published RVR for the approach.
During the approach, runway visual range was reported to the pilot as varying between 800 feet and 1200 feet.
The second was RNAV-authorized, but the touchdown Runway Visual Range on Runway 36 was below his company RNAV minimums.
Runway 27 would be upgraded to CATIIIB, to provide a precision instrument approach and autopilot landing with no decision height or runway visual range limitations (assuming the landing aircraft and its crew are suitably equipped).
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