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RBSGRoyal Bank of Scotland Group
RBSGRural Bus Subsidy Grant (UK)
RBSGRobert Bosch Stiftung GmbH (German: Robert Bosch Foundation GmbH; Germany)
RBSGRandolph Brooks Services Group, LLC
RBSGRateBeer Summer Gathering
RBSGReceptor and Biomarker Study Group (endocrinology)
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Worse, bus passengers face a 'double whammy' because a second crucial fund - the rural bus subsidy grant - is likely to be diverted into other council services, it has been claimed.
Metro gives pounds 22m a year in rural bus subsidies and receives a pounds 1m Rural Bus Subsidy grant from the Government," said Ms Lewthwaite.
The Rural Bus Subsidy Grant is being expanded and this means bus companies operating in Warwickshire will get almost pounds 1 million to ensure buses connect rural communities.
The money for local transport authorities is part of pounds 51m Rural Bus Subsidy Grant handed out by the Department of Transport for 2004/5.
It reviews the impact of the government's Rural Bus Subsidy Grant introduced in the 1998 Budget.
It also concluded that insufficient attention had been paid to ensuring that new bus services introduced with the help of the Government's recent Rural Bus Subsidy Grant were accessible to those who did not have a car or the disabled.
The Rural Bus Subsidy Grant, which provides Warwick-shire County Council with pounds 600,000 a year, was launched as a three-year initiative in April 1998 to help set up and improve links across more remote areas of the county.
Transport Minister Mr Keith Hill said the Government would continue the rural bus subsidy grant for three more years beyond 2000-1, at least at its current pounds 32.
Transport Minister Keith Hill announced that the Rural Bus Subsidy Grant (RBSG) of pounds 600,000 a year, which was only guaranteed to continue supporting some of Warwickshire's rural bus services until April 2001, will be extended for a further three years.
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