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"We're simply close friends," Ruru insisted, adding that now isn't the right time to get into a romantic relationship.
Leeanne Campbell is Bicultural Adviser and Tutor, Rangi Ruru Early Childhood College, Christchurch, New Zealand.
In 640, the Tang Empire defeated and annexed the Han-Chinese-ruled GaoChang [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], 'high prosperous'] Kingdom (460~640) [it was first granted by the RuRu Khaganate (402~552), became independent when RuRu was supplanted by the Turkic Khaganate (552~583)] in far north-west China, thus gradually regaining sovereignty over far north-west China.
"The true Bahraini people love their country, we are loyal to Bahrain forever and ever we love Bahrain, it's our land forever and ever love you our king." - Ruru Dosseri
Words like Ado Nadi or 'speak truth', Tee Ruru or 'clapping', Thunthun Uthajom or 'pauper', Kon 'son', Konjai or 'daughter' may no longer be heard.
She discovers in the comprehensive history Tong zhi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (General Treatises) that the clan name belongs to a northern nomadic tribe known as Ruru [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], Ruirui [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], or Rouran [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
(46) There is some evidence that the Maori in what is now New Zealand did not customarily use force to discipline their children, until Europeans transferred their belief in its effectiveness and morality: Wood et al., supra note 10 at 21-22; Jacinta Ruru, "Indigenous Peoples and Family Law: Issues in Aotearoa / New Zealand" (2005) 19 Int'l J.L.
Kerei Ruru, head of the UN Mine Action Team Gaza Office (UNMAT), has been working in Gaza since the end of January to locate and neutralize the UXO.
(85.) Just as one of Tokyo's local city councils has promoted a new smoke-free sidewalks policy under the banner that social relations once structured by informal manners are now governed by formal rules (mana kara, ruru he), the government more generally has expended a tremendous amount of energy since the late 1990s promoting the idea that the rule of law needs to be strengthened and that people need to be legally empowered.
In addition, Lutchman, Thompson, Tait, Savage, Aitchison, Ruru and Mellsop share the findings of a research project in which they explore the effectiveness of functional assessment tools in a mental health service.
The local, regional, and transnational positions taken by the artists analyzed by the contributors, along with the nature of their target audiences, inform the three-part structure of the volume: "Local Shakespeares for Local Audiences" (essays by Tobias D6ring, Suzanne Gossett, Elizabeth Klein and Michael Shapiro, Ruru Li, and Poonam Trivedi), "Local Shakespeares for National Audiences" (essays by Boika Sokolova, Sabine Schulting, Marcela Kostihova, Ton Hoenselaars, Lukas Erne, Sonia Massai, Alfredo Michel Modenessi, Robert Shaughnessy, and Maria Jones), and "Local Shakespeares for International Audiences" (essays by Margaret Jane Kidnie, Mark Houlahan, and Saviour Catania).