RVNRepublic of Vietnam
RvNRuud Van Nistelrooy (Dutch soccer player)
RVNRegistered Veterinary Nurse
RVNReport of Voting
RVNRovaniemi Airport, Finland
RVNRandom Verification Number (Internet banking security feature; South Africa)
RVNRybo-Viroxic Nucleic Structure
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It aimed to "convince the DRV leadership that its current support and direction of the war" in the RVN and Laos should be "stopped and reexamined.
Formerly tasked with supporting PSYOP throughout the RVN, the 5th ACS now had responsibility for III and IV Corps while the 9th ACS took over the support role in I and II Corps.
Throughout the time it operated, much of America's PSYOP in the RVN sought to induce defection through the Chieu Hoi (Open Arms) program.
41) By 1972, when it became "apparent" that the RVN "could not support aerial PSYOP activities on a large scale," CINPAC assumed management of PSYOP from MACV.
USAF personnel could not act in place of the VNAF to earn support for the RVN.
They contained a large number of "day students," the children of wealthy RVN citizens.
Perhaps the RVN could not have survived had we maintained our commitments, though I was much more optimistic than most of the commentators whose views have become the received wisdom--and who had, in fact, last been in country when the U.
The web cast component of the Royal Caribbean remotes will be heard simultaneously on all RVN affiliates while being heard in the Internet ready cabins of their new ships.
RVN is owned and operated by New York-based Finger Lakes Production International.
My background and experience in information technology and business operations seemed to be a good fit with RVN.
RVN programming features a high-energy mix of contemporary music from the United States and Europe.
A recent agreement inked between RVN and CNN is designed to increase the Radio Voyager audience worldwide through a variety of media that include FM radio stations, hotels, airlines and emerging digital audio channels.