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RYOTRallying Youth Organizers Together (Milford, PA)
RYOTRevolutionary Youth of Today (Minnesota Spoken Word Association)
RYOTReal Youth of Today
RYOTResurrection Youth of Today (Plano, TX)
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It added: "Fueled by next genera- tion technology, rich customer data, scaled distribution, premium pub- lishing and award-winning creative expertise, through the Connect Ads partnership, RYOT Studio will work with MENA brands and their agency partners to match them with rele- vant publisher voices and audiences.
RYOT will join news, opinion, and entertainment provider The Huffington Post to deliver films, linear video, 360[degree sign], and VR content.
Of the five states that taxed RYOT as cigarettes, which makes them subject to stamping, only two explicitly required stamps on RYOT (Table, Figure 1).
"I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all of you who donated to our Philippines fundraising," Boyd said in a video posted at RYOT.org.
Look!," Boyd posted, sharing a link to a 1:24-minute video uploaded on YouTube titled, "How RYOT & Incubus Teamed Up To Help The Philippines!"
Unlike the Zamindari system, under the Ryotwari system settlement was made not with the Zamindar or any other intermediary but directly with the ryot (cultivator/peasants) of the land who enjoyed all rights in the land subject to regular payment of land revenue to the government.
Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men are clearly denizens of the forest, but their rule in the greenwood is a foil to the misrule of the courtly world "undone by ryot" (Downfall 1813), where administrators (like the justices in the Gest) can be bought, where loyalty is a commodity that dissipates when funding runs out, as with Sir Richard when his friends desert him in his poverty (Gest 235-40), and where Robin spends all his "mennes fe" (Gest 1732) to curry favor: "Ever more he layde downe, / Both for knyghtes and squyres, / To gete hym grete renowne" (Gest 1734-6).
According to sources, Reddy is likely to float his own political party called Youth Sramik Ryot (YSR).
Clear to the ryot was that a strategy of confronting the saukar through the courts usually ended disastrously.
And it was precisely this strength of both head and heart, Marshall implied, that made of Fawcett 'the chivalrous pleader for the agricultural labourer and the Indian ryot' (Pigou 1925, p.
Munro and his supporters argued that vesting property rights in the ordinary cultivator (ryot) or village communities, would better serve the public interest.