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Led by AP video journalist Dalton Bennett and RYOT director Tyson Sadler, "Seeking Home" is a 360-degree, virtual reality experience that places viewers in one of the largest migrant camps in Western Europe.
RYOT through networking, personal development and sharing of knowledge, creates a sustainable support system for our young people working in and connected to our primary industries.
There is nothing but confusion; there is no kanungo to be found, he is fled the country; the ryots wanting to withhold their payment; the Farmer [Zamindar] seizing everything he can lay his hands upon and swelling up his demands by every artifice .
Both Forlong and Machell expressed reluctance to carry out orders that further increased pressure on the ryots, who were unable to recoup their advances on indigo, yet were being squeezed ever harder as the industry struggled.
Throughout the Challenge, RYOT will direct their readers to #STARTARYOT to raise funds for non-profits on CrowdRise, illustrating the power of incentivized, content-driven social action.
The Ryot Road dumpsite threatens the water quality of Gordon Creek, Dunnings Creek and the Juniata River.
India's and Ireland's particularity was effectively erased by advocates like George Campbell, former governor of Bengal, who explained enthusiastically to his readers that the trick to penetrating Irish land difficulties lay in understanding that in Ireland "The landholders were rather Asiatic Zemeendars than English landlords, and the occupiers were not English tenants, but rather ryots holding very small tenures according to custom" (38).
Bt cotton dashes hopes of ryots, The Hindu, 30 December 2002, http://www.
For the Ryots, who are generally both land-holders and manufacturers, by the oppressions of gomastahs in harassing them for goods are frequently rendered incapable of improving their lands, and even of paying their rents; for which, on the other hand, they are again chastised by the officers of the revenue, and not unfrequently have those harpies been necessitated to sell their children in order to pay their rents, or otherwise obligated to fly the country.
com; THE RYOTS - Georgian Theatre, Stockton, 8pm, SOLD OUT; GEORGE MCINTOSH - Ranch House Club, Thoralby Farm, Skutterskelfe, Hutton Rudby.
Fundamentally, his sympathies for the downtrodden and exploited were extended toward the ryots of India, the field workers of Jamaica, and the poorest of the Irish, who sometimes lived side by side with the lowest of the English poor.
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