RZDRossiiskie Zheleznye Dorogi (Russian Railways)
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RZD International will design, supply equipment and materials as well as would takeup the electrification of the 495 km long railway line (of which203 km onmountainous terrain), which includes 32 stations and 95 tunnels.
Since its foundation RZD Logistics has transported over 7 mn tonnes of cargo, the number of clients exceeded 1000.
InfraNews points out that Bulgaria has very little container freight traffic, and that the annual turnover of BDZ Freight Services could be smaller than the daily turnover of RZD, which could reach over USD 100 M.
They comprise ministry officials and representatives of RZD and its Armenian subsidiary called the South Caucasus Railway (SCR).
From 21 November to 1 December, people who took part in the seminar are travelling on a symbolic journey along the Trans-Siberian route in a special RZD carriage.
MOSCOW (RNWire) - Russian Railways OAO (RZD), a 100% government-owned company providing cargo and passenger rail services throughout Russia reports that it plans to purchase 12 new locomotives this year for Moscow Railway, an RZD subsidiary.
RZD Records Passenger Traffic Growth on Krasnoyarsk Railroad (21/03/2006)
On 30 October 2009, an exhibition will open at the RZD Innovation Development Centre, showcasing new shunting locomotives and open-top wagons for the modern railway infrastructure.
JSC Infrastructure Railways of Serbian and Russian Railways' (RZD) subsidiary RZD International have signed an agreement to re-build and modernise three more sections of Corridor 10 in southern Serbia.
On 27 October in Tashkent (Uzbekistan), RZD President Vladimir Yakunin opened the 51st plenary session of the Council for Rail Transport of CIS and Baltic countries, involving the railway administration chiefs of the 1520 Area.
Furthermore, the solution features some of the first systems produced locally by Bombardier and RZD s manufacturing JV team at the Elteza signalling company.