RZGWRegionalny Zarzad Gospodarki Wodnej
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The subject of this contract is to perform the function of contract engineer for the realization of the task: Construction of icebreakers for rzgw gdansk.
The subject of the order is "Modernization of Odrzanskie sluices on the Gliwice Canal, on the section of the management board of RZGW Gliwice - adapting to III class waterway - Stage II" covering two separate investment projects named:
Within this task will be provided services related to the supervision of the correctness of products and methodological assumptions in the implementation of the project, including: defining procedures and criteria of quality control, quality control, substantive verification of assumptions, schedules of tasks, product descriptions, Project, preparation of analyzes and presentations related to the execution of works, supervision of work progress, identification of risks, organization and conduct of consultation meetings with the Purchaser and RZGW in the form of workshops (presentation and discussion of methodological assumptions, current state of work and results, recommendations for the Employer ), Technical supervision over the preparation of promotional materials.