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S-2Intelligence Staff Officer
S-2Sangiran Hominid 2
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S-2 will organize N corporation in R for the sole purpose of participating in the proposed transaction.
The BSB S-2 section is often overwhelmed because of its heavy workload and small staff Many units have had great success employing the BIST concept to create a more capable S-2 section.
Some of these programs are built to enhance collaboration between the battalion S-2 section and CoISTs.
Walker adds, "The whole crew compartment is manufactured of the S-2 Glass composite.
CS3 Gregory Ryan S-2 Division Records Keeper/Cook on Watch Uss Mahan (DDG 72)
In addition to providing this information to the sustainment brigade S-2, convoys can augment the maneuver BCT's intelligence collection plan.
The degradation of S-2 to BCME and congeners, including bis-(chloromethylmethyl)ether (CMME), during the burning of mosquito coils is of particular health concern (WHO 1998a) because BCME may be the most potent lung carcinogen known (ATSDR 1989).
Phenolic resin based S-2 Glass armor has been proven in demanding military, law enforcement, airline and naval applications for over a quarter of a century.
The highest rodent densities occurred at webs S-2 and C-1 (40% and 33% of all captures, respectively), while S-1 accounted for 27% of the total captures.
The collateral supporting the National Collegiate Trust 1997 S-2 bond consists entirely of private credit student loans originated under First Marblehead Corp.
The paper also discusses the superiority of Syntroleum S-2 over EPA #2 as an on-board source of hydrogen to power fuel cells: "EPA #2 typically contains almost 30% aromatics and 1% olefins, which are hydrogen-poor hydrocarbons.
One is 193A roving, an E-glass product that employs a high-temperature sizing similar to that used on OCF's S-2 glass, making it compatible with high-temperature thermoplastics such as PEEK, PEK, PPS and polyetherimide (PEI).