S-5Civil Affairs Section
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The S-5 team begins the preparation for the next arriving group.
In addition to DV groups visiting Enterprise, the S-5 Sailors are responsible for the daily task of maintaining all 270 staterooms and 30 officer heads aboard Enterprise.
"We have a lot of fun and enjoy our time in S-5," said CS3 William Jones.
The S-5 surfactant mixture represents a balance of anionic and nonionic surfactants; removing the two more surface-active components makes the S-3 surfactant combination a nonionic package only.
The S-5 concentration was well beyond the viscosity maximum and facilitated a viscosity lower than that observed in the thickener solution without the colorant addition.
The marker, which is within 5 cM of the S-5 hybrid sterility locus (Yanagihara et al., 1995), correctly identified S-5 alleles from cultivars and breeding lines ([STS213.sup.j] and [S-5.sup.j]: Akihikari, S201, M103, M201, M202, M204, M401; [STS213.sup.n] and [S-5.sup.n]: Ketan Nangka, Moroberekan, Lemont, A301, L202, L203; [STS213.sup.i] and [S-5.sup.i] IR36, IR50, data not shown) and was used to predict the genotype of [F.sub.3] individuals at the S-5 locus (Fig.
More importantly, the STS genotype of [TC.sub.1] families indicated which S-5 allele was passed from the four heterozygous [S-5.sup.j]/[S-5.sup.n] [F.sub.3] parents to the [TC.sub.1] individuals that were scored for fertility.