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S-BoxSubstitution Box
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XOR each element of S-Box in Table 2 with [r.sub.1] to get a new S-Box.
The S-Box initialization is the first step used to initialize the first array S [0] to S [255].
KSA for RC4 with S-Box of AES Input: Secret Key Output: State 1 S-box [256] = S-box of AES algorithm 2 For (i = 0 to N - 1) 2.1 State[i] = S-box(i) 3 Set j = 0 4 For (i = 0 to N - 1) 4.1 j = (j + State[i] + Key [i mod key-length]) mod N 4.2 Swap (State[i], State[j]) 5 Output: State The other is PRGA phase as shown below:
It has been established that the substitution box (S-box) is a standout in different block ciphers and is a widely used mechanism in any substitution-permutation network as a source to produce nonlinearity [6].
For example, literature [6] proposed a four-step method of generating chaotic S-box based on discrete logistic map.
In GRP feature, 64 bit/128 bit blocks were transferred by way of the S-box of PRESENT and after mapping in accordance with PRESENT, the operation was completed to the permutation layer which executed encryption depending on GRP algorithms.
Section 4 describes the implementation and the achievement of Non-linear S-Box of the proposed system.
TwoFish uses strong components (MDS and s-box) in the key schedule algorithm which make it a strong key schedule algorithm.
* Perform an affine transformation to the RC4-KSA S-Box to produce the final S-Box.
From Figure 3, we cannot clearly identify the times of ARIAs S-box and diffusion operations.
The original PRNG had an output filter based on simple, nonlinear, Boolean functions; the improved PRNG employs an output filter based on the approximation of a 32 x 32 bit s-box through the combination of four key-dependent 8 x 32 bit s-boxes.
An Optimized S-Box Circuit Architecture for Low Power AES Design.