S-CEPSecreted CHO Cell Elongating Protein
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To examine whether participants' scores in career maturity and quality of life significantly increased from pretest (Time 1) to 4 weeks after the S-CEP implementation (Time 2), we performed a paired samples t test.
These findings support the expected result that higher scores on career maturity, subjective well-being, and school satisfaction before the S-CEP implementation would significantly predict higher scores on the aforementioned measures 4 weeks after the program implementation.
Higher scores on career maturity before the S-CEP implementation predicted higher scores on school satisfaction 4 weeks after the program implementation, but not vice versa.
In our study, students' enhanced career maturity could be attributed to the increased knowledge and awareness that students gained from the S-CEP program, such as (a) increased understanding of individual differences in career decision making and planning; (b) increased awareness of their career interest; (c) enhanced knowledge about occupations and career decision-making processes; and (d) improved socialization through small-group interactions that allowed for feedback and support, as suggested by previous studies with Korean adolescents (D.