S-CSPStacked Chip-Scale Package
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E-CSP and D-CSP provide outsourcing encryption and decryption computing services, and S-CSP provides storage services.
E--CSP] stored at E-CSP, the blinded private keys SK' stored at D-CSP, and the ciphertexts stored at S-CSP.
Then, DU sends SK' to D-CSP and requests S-CSP to send the ciphertext to D-CSP.
Primary Systems has earned the promotion to S-CSP and I am delighted that they will also be our national reseller of telePROTECT.
Amkor's 3+ S-CSP packages have profile heights of 1.
Amkor offers the largest combined laminate based S-CSP and tape based CSP product portfolio in the outsourced market.
Amkor developed its S-CSP packaging technology, which combines two or more integrated circuits (ICs) in a stacked die configuration, to help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) meet consumer demand for devices with more functions, that are thinner, more capable and reliable, and that are lighter weight.
The company expects S-CSP deliveries to grow in the second half of 2000 as new customers begin receiving shipments.
The expansion of the unified specifications group will help meet the growing demand for S-CSP products in the worldwide market for mobile communications and hand-held computing devices.