S-DDSusceptible Dependent upon Dose
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According to CLSI5 interpretive guideline, there is no susceptible MIC breakpoint for fluconazole against C.glabrata and MIC of less than 32g/mL is interpreted as susceptible dependent upon dose (S-DD), to indicate that dosage escalation may be required adequately to treat infections caused by isolates with a higher MICs.
Isolates with MICs between 16-32 [micro]g/ml were fluconazole susceptible-dose dependant (S-DD) (7).
Antifungal susceptibility testing in our study revealed that none of the Candida isolates tested were resistant to fluconazole, though 9 of 30 (30%) isolates were fluconazole S-DD and maximum number of these S-DD isolates were C.