S-LPersonnel/Administrative Staff Section
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To preview, first I describe the essential dimensions of S-L that articulate it semiotically as "innocent speech," i.
According to Larry Spears, a chief advocate of S-L who is responsible for marketing Greenleaf's ideas, the concept of S-L came to Greenleaf upon reading Hermann Hesse's short novel, Journey to the East.
The concept of S-L is thus thought to encompass the "head, heart, and hands" (Rhodes 1) of those who lead in a manner that re-calls the pathos of human existence and behavior while simultaneously foregrounding an overall ethos within organizational life.
The concern that S-L is inappropriate for an "analytical" field like accounting is misplaced.
The instructor effort and time required for S-L assignments is another concern.
Applicability of S-L assignments in certain courses, such as MS (to design and improve the information systems) or tax (to render tax assistance through the Volunteers In Tax Assistance program), is obvious.
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Teacher education students at the University of South Carolina experience S-L in various courses and in diverse school and community settings.
The service-learning design used in the USC Teacher Education Program emphasizes S-L activities that promote student achievement in the four behavioral categories that Serow (1997) indicates effective service-learning should promote: competence, participation, relationships, and understanding.
According to Bill Veit, sortation product manager for Dematic, the key to the increased sort rates with the S-L 300 is a new parallel divert technology.
The new linear induction motors in the S-L 300 eliminate drive belts, oiler, gearboxes, chains, and related equipment, drastically reducing the maintenance requirements and operational costs while increasing companies' overall productivity.