S-MIPSeamless-handoff for Mobile Internet Protocol
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From Table 1, it can be drawn the conclusion that EA confirmed the theoretical calculations of AN:AA copolymers and also the imprinting and the extraction of the template (by confirming the elements amount in S-MIPs and S-MIPs Ex).
The thermal degradation study compares the imprinted polymers before (S-MIPs) and after extraction (S-MIPs-Ex), the NIPs, and the initial copolymers (AN:AA; Fig.
The imprinting of sclareol has a positive influence on the thermal stability of S-MIPs. For the other copolymer systems, the thermal behavior is, generally, the same as for the AN:AA-90:10 system, with the following noticeable difference.
The Scatchard plot of the batch-binding experiments shows that in the imprinted S-MIPs there are two classes of binding sites (visible as two tangents).
The affinity constants (K) and the apparent maximum number of binding sites ([B.sub.max]) for the S-MIPs and NIPs are given in Table 2.
The affinity constants for the imprinted sites, [K.sub.2] parameter, calculated from the batch binding in S-MIPs based on Fig.