S-PSSoybean-derived Phosphatidylserine
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So, though O'Reilly's list of offenders is long, for many, he never specifies just what makes them part of the "S-P crowd," other than crossing swords with Bill O'Reilly.
"The S-P power brokers will be seething, and I guarantee they will command their forces to attack me in every way possible.
"Think about what America would be like now if we [FOX News and "The O'Reilly Factor"] had not arrived on the scene and provided Americans with an alternative to the strongly S-P established media," he writes near the book's end.
In the present paper, we describe a study of structure development in melt-spinning s-PS and a-PS.
The s-PS and a-PS were obtained from The Dow Chemical Company.
s-PS filaments were melt-spun from an Instron capillary rheometer using a 1.593-mm capillary die with a plunger speed of 0.127 mm/s at temperatures of 270[degrees]C, 280[degrees]C, and 290[degrees]C.
The DSC scans were interpreted using a heat of crystallization of 53.2 J/g for s-PS (2).
The TGA scans for the s-PS and a-PS are shown in Fig.
Although crystallization of s-PS may have been extensively examined (14), s-PS in its miscible blends has been less studied.
Semicrystalline syndiotactic polystyrene (s-PS) was obtained as a courtesy research material from Idemitsu Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
Hot-melt blending was used for preparing most blend samples of s-PS with intended polymer (PPO or a-PS).
The melt crystallization kinetics of s-PS sample and its blends were investigated by observing heat flow as a function of time at an isothermal temperature for time long enough for completion of the thermal process.