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Everything is connected by R5-232, including TV tuners, radio tuners, cameras, mixers, DVDs and S-VHS recorders.
They can also mix clips from VHS tapes with digital content to create videos that can be output to either the analog format (S-VHS tape) or the digital format (CD/DVD).
The AE8000 signals-intelligence (SIGINT) disk recorder is a direct replacement for legacy 6-MHz and 8MHz S-VHS cassette recorders.
The video production/editing hardware in the studio consists of: a PIII Xeon Dell Precision 620 MultiTower, further customized with the addition of a second microprocessor, with 1 GB of RAM and an Intense 3-D Wildcat 4110 Pro video card; a Sony DCRVX2000 Mini-DV camcorder with accompanying Audio Technica AT835B microphone; portable lighting kits; a UV camera filter; an Alesis studio 12R mixer/microphone preamplifier; Plextor Ultra Plex DVD drives; a Kramer video/audio distributor; a Fostex personal monitor 6301B; an Altec Lansing computer speaker system; a JVC mono/hi-fi/super VHS video cassette recorder; five JVC Pro-Cision 19-micron head VHS videotape recorders; and a JVC S-VHS ET pro series Mini-DV and S-VHS videocassette recorder.
Here is a list of video formats from highest to lowest quality: Beta cam, DV-Pro, Mini-DV, Hi-8, 8mm, S-VHS, VHS.
The system integrates LiDAR, GPS inertial sensors, and S-VHS video to gather geographic information that can be delivered in a number of software formats.
This is the industry's first and only coaxial lens-to-light configuration headlight camera, resulting in high-quality ZERO-PARALLAX S-VHS and digital imaging.
The Video Flex 7600 has outputs for USB, Composite Video and S-VHS, which can be used simultaneously.