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S-VIDEOSeparated Video (same as Y/C, Luminance and Chrominance)
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Many computer or online stores offer S-video cables.
Connections include a component video output, S-Video output, one set of A/V composite jacks, and optical and coaxial digital audio output jack.
From good to best they are composite, S-video, and component.
2 x manual, pantalla de 21 a 300 pulgadas, ajuste de color manual RGB, angulo de inclinacion regulable hasta 10 grados, entrada analogica y digital de PC, componente de entrada, video compuesto, audio estereo (L/R), S-video y D-sub, control inalambrico por infrarrojo al frente.
Other connectivity features include two video inputs for composite, one S-video, three component video inputs (shared with computer inputs), two four-watt stereo speakers, one type A USB port and LAN connectivity.
This projector offers 2,000 ANSI lumens along with a variety of multimedia features, such as composite and S-video inputs, audio in, an internal speaker, a standard remote and one-touch auto set-up.
For such a low-priced model, the Evergreen machine has an impressive array of inputs round the back, including component, composite, S-Video, coax, VGA PC and analog audio connections, and it'll also cope with CDR/RW, DVDRW (plus and minus varieties) and discs with MP3 toons on them.
Leviton's new QuickPort S-Video Connector features a unique design to transmit high quality S-Video over standard Category 5, 5e or 6 UTP cabling.
The interface unit is easily portable and can be configured for multiple technologies including 10/100/1000 Ethernet, S-Video, Composite Video and others.
OTRAS CARACTERISTICAS: Tamano de imagen proyectada de 40 a 300 pulgadas, emision de ruido de 34dB, proyeccion frontal o posterior, se puede montar en techo, entradas DVI, VGA, video componente, S-Video y RCA, ajuste digital de trapezoide, lente con zoom de 1.
2, the models also feature a lamp power of 165 watts as well as inputs for RGB, Composite Video, S-Video and Component Video formats.