S04Schalke 04 (German soccer team)
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The results showed that EC, TDS, hardness, Cl, S04, and Ca were very high in the water samples ofthe area.
Bajo tales circunstancias, se vuelve dificil asegurar una planificacion a largo plazo, ya que se debe capacitar constantemente al personal en el puesto (L05, SO1, S04, S07).
S01, S04, and S08 have the highest a* values and lowest b* values that numerically describe the orange color in terms of the red and yellow spectral characteristics, and the lowest L* values further characterize the highest chromaticity of the orange color.
TABLE 4 Correlation Coefficient (r) value of different divisions and some physico-chemical parameters in Lekki Lagoon Division Surface N03-N P04-P S04 water temp.
Because of the height of the underground water, drain from the around lands to the treatment network are a lot, therefore, the urban wastewater may be studied in the view of adding TDS, suspension solid materials, organics, Cl, S04 and BOD.
Table 5 Strategies Affecting Income Significance Variables in Predictive Alpha 5% of the the Model Effect Factors Logistic S02, S04, S06 76.
Case Summaries Month CI- (mg/l) S04 (mg/l) March, 2008 Minimum 312,00 286,00 Maximum 964,20 3798,00 Mean 472,6500 1554,0000 Std.
40 438 Rank 1 2 2 3 4 Question S07 S14 S10 S15 S04 M 437 430 428 425 423 Rank 5 6 7 8 9 Question S12 S11 S08 S13 S09 M 421 4.
1 Production parameters of individual workstations WS S01 S02 S03 S04 S05 PT 51.
Tunnel S04 concentration Reference (ppm) Weinsberg tunnel up to 1500 Gremminger & Spang (1978) Kappelesberg tunnel 1957 -2755 Krause & Wurm (1975) Freudenstein tunnel up to 5600 Berner (1991) Engelberg Base tunnel > 8600 Kuhnhenn et.
The ASSR-301C and ASSR-401C are single channel, 1 Form A relays that come in an S04 package; the ASSR-302C and ASSR-402C are dual channel, 2 Form A relays that come in a standard DIP8 footprint
Then we added 50 [micro]L Eu(III)BHHCT-coated nanoparticles conjugated with monoclonal anti-HBsAg antibody S04 [diluted 2000-fold with dilution buffer (10 mmol/L Tris-HCI, pH 7.