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As marked in the figure, the maximal difference for the propped constructional method is 26.1% for Section 9 with concrete class C45/55 and steel S235. The nonlinear and linear solutions for this cross section are shown in Figure 11(a).
Dangos buvo purskiamos Kepsninio purskimo budu ant S235 konstrukcinio plieno bandiniu, kuriu matmenys yra 160 x 30 x 8 mm.
Summing these up for each region, and assuming [S.sub.100 [micro]m]/[S.sub.2 cm] = 1000 gives 0.52,14.3, and 7.9 Jy for Perseus, S140 and S235, respectively.
The anodic potential in potentiostatic permeation experiments was determined by potentiodynamic polarisation measurements for carbon steel S235 and S700 in 0.2 M NaOH solution at room temperature.
The steel bar is made of S235 grade steel ([f.sub.yk] = 235 N/[mm.sup.2], E = 210000 N/[mm.sup.2]).
A high frequency induction-heating device heats the iron test samples (S235).
This region is centred on the HII region S235 [11], part of the FVW 172.8+1.5 complex within Auriga.
The experiment was performed using three various sheet materials:--hot rolled S235 steel, AISI 4301 stainless steel and Al 5652 aluminium alloy.
The structures were made of steel S355 (knee joint) and S235 (box girder).
In our problem, we considered in compliance with (Kunz 1991), [c.sub.1] = 11.141, [c.sub.2] = 0.507 for the steel grade S235. The input random quantities are clearly given in Table.