S235Structural steel with 0.2% Yield of 235n/mm2
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188 meters cutting charge for 10 mm cutting capacity at S235 JR;
161 meters cutting charge for 15 mm cutting capacity at S235 JR;
133 meters cutting charge for 25 mm cutting capacity at S235 JR;
The experimental curves of the axial force variation during drilling for hot rolled S235 steel is presented in Fig.
Table 1 Chemical composition of as--received sheet metal Element, wt % S235 AISI4301 Al 5652 C 0.
2015 Summary 04/12/2015 S235 - - Services - Contract award notice - Open procedure
The tank is made of steel grade S355 apart from the top two courses, which are made of steel S235.
Commercial building-mall office; assault; inadequate security, understaff ed, inadequate policy governing mall security; settlement, S235,000.