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S25Stages 25 of Shumway
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SO, S10, S25, S50, SI00, mixtures with smectite content of 0%, 10%, 25%, 50% and 100% respectively; [C.
Isolates E13 and S25 sustained significantly lower disease incidence and biocontrol efficacy compared with control (Table 2).
Conduit pipelines appear to be active; as such, we are increasing our private-label issuance for the year from S25 billion to $35 billion.
Summary: Western Digital (WD) recently announced the availability of its third-generation WD S25 SAS hard drives, serving the performance-optimised, mission-critical enterprise server and storage market.
Hunt picked up her first watercolor for just S25 when strolling through a local art show with her baby daughter.
The program would set aside S25 million in state funds for public universities and the Kentucky Community and Technical College System.
Evidence was given at the January appeal to support Bank Mellat's claim that restrictions were costing it around S25 million annually, in addition to a further 183 million [euro] ($240 million) controlled by the bank that was effectively frozen by the move.
One lucky shipyard would be awarded a S25 billion contract to build warships for a future modern navy.
Collectively, this network of scientists has secured more than S25 million in funding from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and Ontario Research Fund to support cutting edge facilities and infrastructure and an additional $20 million in funding from the Ontario Research Fund for major collaborative projects.
TD Premier Checking charges a monthly fee for customers who do not meet the $2,500 minimum balance requirement of S25 (or $24 when paperless statements are selected).
Theatregoers pay S25 a month to see whatever they like at ACT, depending on seat availability.