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S2ASilicon Storage Appliance
S2ASilicon Storage Appliance (DataDirect Networks)
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S2ASeegers Automatiserings Adviezen (The Netherlands)
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DataDirect's S2A Storage Appliances enabled 32% of the 4,947 teraflops processed on the TOP500 list, including powering the world's fastest supercomputing cluster, BlueGene/L, a National Nuclear Security Administration system at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
These enhancements to our award-winning S2A technology will provide immediate benefit for our customers and help them more cost-effectively and power-efficiently address their most extreme storage challenges.
Further, the S2A provides enterprise-class data protection and reliability with multiple levels of redundancy, incorporating on-the-fly parity checking of all read I/Os and Hardware RAID 6 with no loss of performance across a broad range of computational, visualization, and nearline environments.
And the new Sleep Mode allows the S2A to 'spin down' drives when they are not actively accessed based on user-definable policies.
DataDirect Networks' S2A family of products are in production in supercomputing sites around the world powering over 257,000 processors in major installations at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, Sandia National Laboratories, PCS, NCSA, NOAA, NASA Ames, NERSC, SDSC, LNXI, ORNL, Argonne National Laboratory, CEA, Dresden TUD, and many others.
Of the top 100, more are powered by DataDirect Networks' high performance S2A storage solutions than by any other storage vendor.
S2A storage appliances provide the industry's highest performing and densest storage solutions.
This feature, when combined with S2A drive rebuild journaling, enables the system to self-diagnose drive problems and take corrective action without user intervention, reducing the number of drives that must be replaced and subsequent lengthy rebuild times.
Our initial tests confirm that DataDirect Networks' hardware-accelerated S2A architecture provides excellent and consistent levels of throughput during reads, writes and mixed workloads - even as errors are happening," said Brian L.
a leading provider of scalable storage systems for performance and capacity-driven applications, announced today a number of corporate milestones including record sales of S2A Infiniband and overall S2A products in the third quarter.
The S2A storage system supports nearly 1,000 disk drives, equaling close to a Petabyte of capacity using 1TB drives.
The award recognizes DDN's continued growth over the past five years, which reflects a strong demand for their superior S2A storage systems.