S2BStudents to Business (Microsoft job networking)
S2BSeattle to Brussels Network (anti-globalization group)
S2BServices to Business (various universities; UK)
S2BSolutions to Business
S2BSubsea to Beach (gas processing)
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Table S2b: Additional Sensitivity Analysis: Subpopulation of VHA Users in 2008 (Baseline Year).
[DELTA]E* values were significantly different with glazed (S1a, S1b, S1C, S1d), and shofu groups (S3a, S3b, S3c, S3d) than sof-lex groups (S2a, S2b, S2c, S2d) (p<0.05) on ZLS.
In S2, an internal EC system was also deployed below the screen (designated as S2b) and above the plants, at a height of 3 m above the ground.
Figure S2B: the Kaplan-Meier curve of patients who did not have a stem cell transplant and patients who had a stem cell transplant not in remission.
Figure S2A and figure S2B revealed that s12 and s24 were the outlier samples of normal group and NAFLD model group, respectively.
Interestingly, the presence of conditioned medium from sBJ cultures reduced the level of dCK in HCT116 treated with or without DAC (Figure S2b).
First of all, within the Transition unit, a subcoastal subtype (S2a) and an inland one (S2b) can be identified; in particular, in the subcoastal subtype, elevation values are lower, alluvial sediments and clays prevail, and most indicator species are hygrophilous (e.g.
The genomic RNA is translated into a single polyprotein precursor consisting of three structural Capsid (C), perinuclear membrane (prM), and Envelop (E) protein and seven non-structural NS1, NS2a, N S2b, NS3, NS4a, NS4b and NS5 proteins arranged in the order C-prM-E-NS1-NS2a-NS2b-NS3-NS4a-NS4b-NS5.
The cyclic voltammograms in SE none normalized, normalized by electrode geometric area and EASA are presented on Figure S2A and Figure S2B and Figure S2C, respectively in the Supplementary Material.
For S2b, most of the precisions are between 0.2 and 0.3, except the final TV where the model did not find anyTPs with testing data of only one day available.
All recombinant proteins were tagged with 6x His and visualized by western blot (Figure S2B).