S2BStudents to Business (Microsoft job networking)
S2BSeattle to Brussels Network (anti-globalization group)
S2BServices to Business (various universities; UK)
S2BSolutions to Business
S2BSubsea to Beach (gas processing)
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4 GHz using Digi's XBee-Pro ZB S2B transceiver modules at transmitted power of 17 dBm (0.
In agricultural fields, we performed measurements during crop growth stage and maturity stage to investigate the difference in vegetation loss values obtained from our RF equipments and XBee-Pro ZB S2B transceiver modules.
We agreed to carry out a feasibility study to look at the chemical implications of bulk manufacture and the chemical testing requirements for the cream," said S2B project manager Roy Huzzard.
Paul Friel, the company's managing director, said: "The S2B Hub have been a great help in developing this product, which is the ultimate camouflage blemish cover.
We are excited that the new Microsoft S2B portal allows us to identify and bring onboard students that we can train, mentor and move through accelerated career paths.
Configuration Parameters in Module XBEE-PRO[R] ZB S2B for Measuring Environmental Variables
S2B At least Akin apologised for his shamefully inaccurate words.
Within 24 hours of receiving the Micro INS and support materials from Athena, Stock Flight Systems had the product integrated with a flight data recorder in their Pitts S2B experimental airplane.
S2B in the online Data Supplement for C21 or f81, which was hypermethylated in maternal blood cells compared with placental tissues.
Supplemental Material, Figure S2B, shows the representative protein bands for PDIA3 and the housekeeping protein, [alpha]-tubulin (used as an internal control), found in the hippocampus of control and treated rats.
B) Between-pollutant correlations of exposure for local-local and regional-regional pollutant pairs (see Supplemental Material, Figure S2B, for local-regional pollutant pairs).