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S2EScan to E-Mail
S2ESurfaced Two Edges (lumber)
S2EService-to-Employee (business model)
S2ESeamless Synthetic Environment
S2ESailor to Engineer (program)
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“The goal is to eventually offer our readers and our viewers some of our own original programming which is in development today,” (Don) Lichterman says and he also says that “there are plans to add more content to both the Sunset Daily News channels and at S2e TV.” S2e has collaborated with these select companies to build a viable and a powerful media outlet for delivering all news stories 24/7 and real time.
Where, Yijk is observation value, is population average, ai is effect of treatment group (control, treatment), bj is effect of gender (female, male), (ab)ij is treatment group X gender interaction and eijk is random error with a mean of "0" and variance of s2e.
The case study is part of a 70-acre NZE development located in Southwestern Ontario (S2E 2014).
S2e Book Publishing Co., based in New York City, has direct partnerships with Amazon Kindle, Lulu, Smashwords for ebook distribution and S2e Books has a deal with Lulu for all distribution efforts including ebooks and physical books (Hard Covers & Soft Cover).
S2E DENGUE, surveillance spatiale de la Dengue et son interface avec le logiciel medical DOC_teur ...
FoxBox comes in dial-up, ISDN, 56K, T1, and S2E configurations.
However, the number of EBs containing spontaneously contracting cardiomyocytes was indistinguishable between scramble and miR-142-3p-knockdown cells (Supplemental Figure S2E).
sAM: direct-maternal additive genetic covariance s2C: maternal permanent environmental variance s2E: residual variance
S2e Music Entertainment, a Don Lichterman entertainment company, is one of the leading independent entertainment companies and distributors of Record Labels, Music Publishing, Book Publishing, Merchandise, TV, Film, Home Video.
Blind Performance Specimens, REMEDi[TM] Control, Urine Toxicology Control(Lyophilized), Urine Toxicology Screen Controls (Levels S1, S2, S1E, S2E, S3, S1 Low Opiate, S2 Low Opiate, S1E Low Opiate, S2E Low Opiate, S1S, S2S), Urine Toxicology Confirm Controls (Levels C1, C2, C3, C4, C2 Low Opiate, C3 Low Opiate), Urine Toxicology Negative Control, Qualitative Urine Toxicology Control
Heritability estimates for primary type traits: The additive genetic variance s2a, environmental variance s2e and univariate animal model heritability estimates and standard errors for linear type traits are presented in Table 4.