S2FStructure 2 Function
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Non-Volatile E-Disk(R)SAN S2F Fibre-to-Fibre RAID and JBOD Offer
BiTMICRO Networks, a pioneer in intelligent flash disk ATA / IDE, SCSI, USB, VME, Compact PCI and Fibre Channel solid state disk (SSD) storage solutions, announced today the release and immediate availability of its E-Disk(R)SAN S2F Fibre-to-Fibre 2U rackmount series of solid state Storage Area Network (SAN) product line.
Designed to meet the ever growing demand for speed and low latency performance required by commercial database and other transaction intensive applications, the E-Disk(R)SAN S2F flash disk SSD offers greater than 100,000 sustained random input/output per second (IOPS), sustained random read rates greater than 500 megabytes per second (MB/s) and sustained random write rates greater than 300 MB/s.
The S2F flash disk appliance can be deployed in a variety of storage architectures for most types of technical and business applications, either as a direct attachment to a host running input/output (I/O) intensive applications or in a networked environment where access to very fast storage can be shared among a number of hosts.
A total of 254 launchings were made in June with the S2F, AD-5, F2H-3, F2H-4, FJ-2, F7U-3, and F3D-2 aircraft.
Dr Michael Shirley, SKM s General Manager Buildings and Infrastructure said, SKM s architectural profile has been boosted over the last few years following our merger with architectural firm S2F.