S2HScotty 2 Hotty (pro wrestler)
S2HSydney to Hobart Yacht Race
S2HStreets to Homes (Canada)
S2HShelter to Housing
S2HSynergy to Hemp (Australia)
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In addition to creating a fun, active culture on their frontline - the workplace - the S2H Challenge can save participating companies on their bottom line, as well.
The S2H Challenge is a low-cost, customized solution that offers a validated technology," said Seth A.
When a company takes the Challenge, S2H takes it from there.
From setup to management, to reporting and administrative tools, S2H is committed to helping each company launch a Wellness Challenge to motivate employees to get moving and get healthy," Tropper added.
Now, S2H REPLAY and S2H STEP users in Slovenia, Australia, Bulgaria and South Africa can earn rewards from companies specific to their regions - in addition to more global rewards from online retailers.
Not only will using the S2H REPLAY and S2H STEP encourage people to get active, but they will also help many local businesses broaden their customer base through the targeted reward incentive program," added Tropper.
In Slovenia, S2H participants can earn rewards such as clothing, sneakers, bikes, school supplies, cosmetics, as well as discounts on travel and sporting activity offers.
S2H reseller in Australia, said the news of local rewards is already encouraging people to sign up and get active.
As part of the partnership, S2H REPLAY will be incorporated into Pierce's FitClub34 from Harvard Pilgrim, the main component of the NBA All-Star's Truth on Health Initiative, which empowers young people to lead healthier lives.
Other S2H programs have included the NFL Play60, Harlem Globetrotters, and State Farm Insurance.
S2H motivates people to be physically active and brings together communities, businesses and organizations that want to reward those people for their physical activity.