S2IString to Integer
S2ISuperior to Inferior
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Through its proprietary S2i platform, Azqore offers a wide range of services, including integrated technology services, operational back office and project consultancy.
We can perfectly handle Swiss regulations and provide a BPO offer with standard processes that allow us to set up a bank within three months in Switzerland, namely via our "S2i Turnkey".
Being one of the leaders in BPO for private banks, we have our own IT platform, S2i that complies with the regulations of the main private banking centres worldwide.
Figure 7 shows the simulated S2i parameters under different values of l.
Then ten parametric stability parameters were performed in accordance with Eberhart and Russel's (1966) the regression coefficient (bi) and deviation from regression (S2di), Pinthus's (1973) coefficients of determination (R2), Wricks's (1962) ecovalance (Wi2), Shukla's (1972) stability variance (si2), Francis and Kannenberg's (1978) coefficient of variability (CVi) and genotypic variance (S2i); Tai's (1971) environmental effects (ai) and deviation from the linear response (li); Plaisted and Peterson's (1959) mean variance component for pair-wise GEI (P59).
The stability variance (s2i) revealed that the genotypes G6, G11 G20, G16, G13, G4 and G5 had the smallest variance across the environments, while the genotypes G24, G8 and G2 had the largest s2i.
In particular, suppose the coefficients of age (A) and age squared are given by s1i and s2i in the immigrant earnings function, and by s1n and s2n in the native earnings function.
In other words, the data sent to MATLAB represents S2i, where ports 1 and 2 represent the transmitter and receiver antennas, respectively.
Both results show good agreement, though the simulated bandgaps are wider and the transmission curves (S2i) are deeper than in the measured results.