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As part of this uncovering process, S2I also has a proprietary tool that determines the implicit annuity interest crediting rate that insurers build into their purchase prices.
The S2I website and educational materials allow consumers to understand how payout annuities are essential elements of any plan that offers dependable, spendable retirement income guaranteed for life.
With a low-cost variable annuity and the S2I planning method, we believe we can increase an average investor's spendable retirement income from non-qualified savings by 40 percent.
com explains the S2I planning method and includes Case Studies which provide examples of how the S2I planning method would work for an investor's full retirement savings and income situation.
The S2I plan offers a comprehensive five-step approach that:
During the accumulation phase of an S2I plan, retirement savings grow tax-deferred and benefit from low fees.
The S2I planning method is flexible enough to do that.