S2NSignal-to-Noise (electrical engineering ratio)
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Results of pyrolysis analysis of Lower Silurian shales Well Depth, m Age S2, mg HC/g rock S2A, mg HC/g rock Barzdenai-1 1974.8 S1w 2.67 0.29 Barzdenai-1 1976.0 S1w 10.57 1.42 Genciai-1 1810.0 S1w 7.72 1.35 Genciai-1 1978.0 S1ln3 0.02 0.15 Vilkyciai-3 1894.5 S1ln2 43.19 3.41 Well S2M, mg HC/g rock S2N, mg HC/g rock Barzdenai-1 0.66 1.72 Barzdenai-1 2.79 6.36 Genciai-1 1.87 4.50 Genciai-1 0.11 0.38 Vilkyciai-3 13.42 26.36 Well [T.sub.max][degrees]C Barzdenai-1 439 Barzdenai-1 422 Genciai-1 432 Genciai-1 434 Vilkyciai-3 443 Remark: S2 peak is subdivided into the following compounds: A--aromatic, M--methane, N--naphthene.
Signal-to-noise (S2N) statistics (Golub et al., 1999) is a ranking based method which is widely used in cancer research to extract informative genes from a microarray data set.
In particular, suppose the coefficients of age (A) and age squared are given by s1i and s2i in the immigrant earnings function, and by s1n and s2n in the native earnings function.