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S2RSend to Receive
S2RSunflowers to Roses (Kansas, MO)
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The features of the S2R that drive its cost benefit to the operator include:
The S2R node offers the flexibility to function as a single output node in fiber-deep architectures as well as a parallel sub-node in fiber-to-curb architectures with downstream RF amplifiers and fiber-to-the-last-active architectures.
C-COR will have the S2R Node on display in its Booth #2901 at the CCTA (California Cable & Telecommunications Association) Broadband Plus 2002 Show in Anaheim, California on December 3-6, 2002.
Lucy Bristow of Cummins with Charles Smith opening S2R Create Space in Brook Street, Huddersfield, with Jason McCartney MP, manager Paula Wood and deputy manager Sian Smith; below, the interior 071016DS2R_05 JULIAN HUGHES
The S2R Joint Undertaking is seeking to acquire the use of a multi-project (programme) management tool to manage all collaborative projects implemented by the S2R Joint Undertaking Members, stemming from the S2R Joint Undertaking annual calls for proposals under the rules for participation of H2020 and the S2R Joint Undertaking Regulation.
offer a common interface and a platform for coordination, planning, control, technical/administrative/financial management, exchange of documents, comments and opinions and organisation of meetings of S2R projects,
Impacts, costs and benefits of the different R&I actions and their contribution to the S2R Joint Undertaking objectives:
development of implementable tools and methodologies to establish operational KPIs for assessment and support to project management; provide KPI methodology, theory and experience of practical applications; develop implementable tools for KPI assessment, including a model for the relation of KPIs towards the overall targets of the S2R Joint Undertaking programme and models for the SPD base scenarios,
Pictured at Support to Recovery (S2R) are (from left) Adriana Tavares Green of S2R, Paula Campbell, Sarah Marsden, PC Scott Gardner, Barbara Holmes, Maureen White, |Tracey Slater, PC Dawson and Rebecca Stockwell (front)
The contract is the delivery of 1 pc tanker truck syringe CAS 20 S2R models with reduced gear.
The subject of the public contract is the acquisition of tanker truck syringe on the undercarriage 6 x 6 in design special for large extinguishing water, foam or water using wetting agents, complicated fires and firefighting greenery in extremely challenging terrain and spaciously limited conditions in urban areas with "CAS 30 S2R ".