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S2SServer-to-Server (computer protocol)
S2SSystem-to-System (gaming protocol)
S2SServer to Server
S2SSide to Side
S2SSystem to System
S2SSite to Site
S2SShip to Shore
S2SSurfaced Two Sides (lumber)
S2SStudent 2 Student (Washington)
S2SSource to Settle
S2SService-to-Service (software)
S2SSo to Speak
S2SSwim to Survive (Canada)
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A non-participating medium radiation model (Surface to Surface - S2S) was used to predict the radiative heat transfer since the air is transparent to thermal radiation.
S2S Poms teams success is tailored to the incredible program where members have the opportunity to train alongside a state ranked high school dance team and receive technique training from Universal Dance Association (UDA) members.
Therefore, it appears that the capability of S2S for dynamic pattern selection is at least comparable to that of the entire data searching and is more reliable than that of a predetermined static segmentation method.
Technical schools, suburban schools and charter schools are also represented in the S2S population and help provide differing perspectives.
Computed metrics in Table 1 show that, even for the proposed method without final contour refinement (the last second row), it produces a competitive accuracy on the validation databases with an overall accuracy of 0.7205 (in terms of DC) and 4.405 mm (in terms of S2S), respectively.
As in [16], we assume that the multiple SBSs in the same cluster are connected to each other through wires and thus the wireless backhaul link between the two clusters is reliable if one (or more) of the individual S2S links between the two clusters is reliable.
With a multi-year repository of rotational after action reviews (AARs) at their disposal and the ability to implement lessons learned during home station training, why do BCT S2s and MICOs experience significant challenges during DATE rotations at the NTC, and what can be done to reverse this trend?
Products include: optimizing gang rip saws & systems; S4S & S2S sidematching and planing centers; end matchers for solid & laminated material; lineal feed tables; sorting, grading and nesting systems; Haskan Scanning Systems for rip and chop defecting and optimization; Crayonmark & optimizing cutoff saws; custom machine design; custom repair work; and field service and troubleshooting.
For example, shelf order lessons used digital games such as Order in the Library (S2S Utopia, 2004) and Shelver (Mrs.
S2S is linked in part to that of the bigger Team Platinum Middlesbrough BJJ which is our parent club.
The rush to digital retailing dominated a June conference in San Francisco sponsored by Street Fight, a smart online news service covering the myriad ways that prodigiously funded start-up companies are developing high-tech solutions to such pressing problems as C2C (Coffee to Commuter), S2S (Shoes to Shopper) and PP2CP (Pepperoni Pizza to Couch Potato).