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The STAN S31 system is indicated for use in patients with planned vaginal delivery, greater than 36 weeks of gestation, a singleton fetus, vertex presentation, and ruptured amniotic membranes.
She won national prominence in 1940, during the Battle of Norway, when she was torpedoed by the German E-boat S31.
The recommendation came after panel members voiced both hope and concern--hope that the STAN S31 fetal heart monitoring system could decrease the false positive rate of standard electronic fetal monitoring and thus reduce the rate of unnecessary cesarean sections, and concern that it could potentially do the opposite and further increase the cesarean section rate.
The Kronos L dual will be displayed, as will the Studer S31 universal cylindrical grinding machine.
They are all aged about 55 and were in Class S31, St Vincent Division at HMS Caledonian in early 1961.
Complete with fun shooting modes and a simple yet intuitive user interface, the resilient S31 is a family camera that can be confidently carried to the pool or around the jungle gym.
To eliminate the possibility of mixed strains, we designed a real-time PCR using single nucleotide polymorphisms to detect antimicrobial drug-susceptible strains (with S31 and H274) and drug resistant strains (with S31N and H274Y) in the samples (method available on request).
By avoiding 1,150 ROTR crashes on the state's 917 miles (1476 kilometers) of Interstate highway system, the project saved S31.
Contract notice: S31 security upgrades - road planning.