S3BSingle SIGNIT (Signals Intelligence) Software Baseline (weapons)
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At 12 weeks of HF feeding in PCB-77--treated mice of each genotype, adipose tissue concentrations of PCB-77 were considerably higher than those of its metabolite hydroxy-PCB-77 (weight gain phase; see Supplemental Material, Figure S3B,C).
Supplemental Material, Figures S3A, S3B, and S3C, respectively, depict the age distributions, age-specific sex distribution, and body weight distribution used in this analysis.
The collinearity of exposure error was examined based on Pearson correlations between daily exposure error for local-local and regional-regional pollutant pairs (Figure 2B; see also Supplemental Material, Figure S3B, for local-regional pairs).
EPA 2011a), and were generally higher than concentrations measured in soils from villages without ore processing [Table 1; see also Supplemental Material, Figure S3B (http://dx.
Detailed summary LDH data for BEAS-2B and RLE-6TN cells can be found in Supplemental Material, Figures S2B,D and S3B,D (http://dx.