S3BSingle SIGNIT (Signals Intelligence) Software Baseline (weapons)
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[DELTA]E* values were significantly different with glazed (S1a, S1b, S1C, S1d), and shofu groups (S3a, S3b, S3c, S3d) than sof-lex groups (S2a, S2b, S2c, S2d) (p<0.05) on ZLS.
These SNPs are located in two linkage disequilibrium blocks; rs6904364 is located within block 1 (24 kb), such that rs17081341 (block 3-13 kb) is in a moderately high LD with rs6904364 [D'=0.76] (Figure S3B).
A schematic overview of the cytotoxicity assays on the DMF platform is given in Supplemental Information S3B Figure.
"The Walking Dead" Average Viewership 2010 2011-2012 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 S1 5.2m (2.7) S2A 6.5m (3.4) S2B 7.4m (3.9) S3A 10.1m (5.3) S3B 11.4m (5.8) S4A 13m (6.6) S4B 13.7 (6.9) S5A 14.6m S5B 14.2 (7.3) (XX) = 18-49 Demo Rating Viewership growth 5.3m (2.7) First episode Oct.
Furthermore, the S3B fueling hall, which previously performed this task, is now free to be used to load propellants on satellites, thus increasing Arianespace's customer handling capacity at the Guiana Space Center.
(mm) Specimen 1 S1A L 50 x 6 19.72 5.94 349 487 S1B L 50 x 6 19.83 5.97 352 495 Specimen 2 S2A L 60 x 5 21.92 4.32 349 487 S2B L 60 x 5 21.46 4.51 354 496 Specimen 3 S3A L 65 x 6 22.40 6.12 348 489 S3B L 65 x 6 21.87 6.23 351 493 Overall Average Values 350.5 491.167 Specimen E (MPa) Specimen 1 S1A 1.98 x [10.sup.5] S1B 2.10 x [10.sup.5] Specimen 2 S2A 1.90 x [10.sup.5] S2B 2.01 x [10.sup.5] Specimen 3 S3A 2.03 x [10.sup.5] S3B 2.11 x [10.sup.5] Overall Average Values 2.01 x [10.sup.5] Table 2.
Two concentration ranges (performed in triplicate), spanning 0.251.75 mg/mL (tetracosanoic acid) and 0.25-4% (CHAPS), were used to derive lipid and detergent calibration curves (Supplementary Figure S3B).
Additionally, there are three nitrogen species present in the N1s spectrum (Figure S3B) centred at 398.6, 399.6, and 401.1 eV, corresponding to C-N=C, N-[(C).sub.3] and C-N-H, respectively.
The constructed complex network shows significant relationship of the targetome with GO terms related to defense response, gene expression, metabolic process, cellular biosynthetic process, response to chemical stimulus, binding (ion binding, metal ion binding, RNA binding, DNA binding, ATP binding, etc.), and catalytic activity (transferase activity and hydrolase activity) (Supplementary Figures S3A and S3B).
Furthermore, virions from the highly inducible Mel1700-KSHV cells were infectious for human HaCat keratinocytes, which subsequently maintained GFP expression (Figure S3A) and viral DNA after more than 48 days of continuous culture in presence of puromycin (Figure S3B).
The level of ubiquitination in hydrolyzed samples was quantified relative to unhydrolyzed samples using densitometry (Figure S3B).