S3DScorched 3D (game)
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However, S3D development is relatively new and each post facility needs to develop its own S3D skills to make each shot look amazing.
Increasingly, Stereovision or S3D is used for live concerts and sports events in theaters and streamed to tablets and TVs, uploaded to YouTube and other video sharing sites, and for stereo photos shown on PCs, digital picture frames, and mobile phones.
The technology that S3D uses is fairly new, and relies on industry standard technologies.
Probable parallax S3D screens on handheld medical diagnostics
3D gaming: To deliver the ultimate, immersive mobile gaming experiences, game publishers and engine providers use the full range of capabilities on the mobile device's applications processor, pushing the requirements of the graphic subsystem, using high definition videos, textures, S3D and touchless gesture capabilities-all of which are uniquely enabled by TI's OMAP 4 platform.
The OMAP 5 processor can support up to four cameras in parallel, as well as record and play back S3D video in 1080p quality, and perform real-time conversion of 2D content to S3D at 1080p resolution.
This league-first will be an opportunity for consumers to experience the transformative nature of S3D in the comfort of their own homes.
Participants will benefit from Climan's historical and knowledgeable perspective on the growth of S3D television, the technology and processes that are revolutionizing the industry, and his views on what the future holds.
Shot by Oscar-nominated cinematographer Allen Daviau ("ET"), with Director Sean Isroelit and Producer Jeffrey Amaral, the light-hearted film beautifully demonstrates that S3D can enhance any movie genre.
June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- As a growing number of international broadcasters prepare to launch dedicated S3D channels comprised largely of sports programming, they are increasingly turning to technology and equipment developed by 3ality Digital, LLC (www.
ca Screening Room features over 2,000 productions online, including high-definition and S3D films.
com) has achieved another S3D milestone with the medium's first-ever live terrestrial broadcast.