S3DScorched 3D (game)
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imec said that for the first time ever, it has quantified the PPAC benefits of the various S3D variants for 5-nm and 3-nm technology nodes.
At the end of realimentation birds on S3D fed diets containing 150 mg/kg ascorbic acid had the lowest (pless than 0.
8226; Depth from Stereo Lite—Automatically estimates disparity maps for captured S3D sequences
S3D is the single point of entry for SWFPAC material requirements, including non-standard material acquired through government purchase card or contract administration services.
The VIEW_3D software option doesn't just offer the disparity /depth maps and histograms of other S3D video analysis tools but also a range of displays that give the user a true picture of how the S3D video will be perceived by the viewer.
US stereoscopic 3D (S3D) production technology firm 3ality Digital has taken over S3D camera rigs maker Element Technica, the buyer said in a press release.
In developing our new 3D lab, we selected a core set of hardware and software that are considered to be the industry's standard tools for S3D production.
Web design company DreamCo Design has recently announced its new S3D product technology.
Paris Cinema is renewing its partnership with Walt Disney Studios France to host the Gallic premiere of "Toy Story 3" in S3D as part of a special "Toy Story Day," featuring the first two installments in 3D.
S3D Modeling is a tool for 3-D modeling of structure of granular materials and substances.
3ality Digital has unveiled new software tools to make acquiring compelling S3D easier and more efficient than ever before.