S3GSubmarine Third Generation General Electric
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Having completed a successful seminar with 10 local doctors, S3G received orders for a dozen units and the disposable rings use in the PNT treatment of glaucoma.
This is an important agreement for our company, and will allow our organization to leverage the expertise of S3G across multiple software installations across the country simultaneously," said Guy Weismantel, vice president of Vista.
S3G will soon begin a practice specializing in the Vista POWERHOUSE(TM) suite of software, and will provide its consultants with in-depth technical training on Vista's system architecture and system specifications, as well as utilizing Vista's industry experience capabilities to assist in the training of new project managers.
With S3G, we're confident that we've found a partner that will grow with us and allow us to continue to do what we do best, which is to develop and sell consumer products software.
As a leading systems integrator, S3G is excited about our new relationship with The Vista Technology Group," said Robert Harris, S3G Vice President for Business Development.
TN3270 mode includes support for model 2,3,4 or 5 terminal emulation, extended data streams, 3179G and 3279 S3G graphics support with a fully customizable work environment.
S3G maintains its sales, recruiting, training and development "lab" offices in Austin, Texas.