S3ISignatures, Sensors, & Signal Procession Integration
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S3I adds the IBAC sensor (Instantaneous Bioaerosol Analyzer and Collector) to ICx's highly sophisticated biological-detection product line.
Both ICx and S3I share the vision of protecting people and critical infrastructure from potentially devastating biological attacks," said Dr.
Greater sales are expected to increase the value of the S3I Holding portfolio, providing greater value to the company's shareholders," commented Wayne Yamamoto, CEO of S3I Holdings Inc.
S3I Holding recently announced the release of a full-featured Alpha version of Securesoft Systems' Immunity 2.
I am pleased to now be a part of this organization and look forward to contributing to the success of S3I Holdings.
Wayne Yamamoto, CEO of S3I Holdings, commented, "The Company is currently in discussions with the Compass Capital Group for what would be a larger commitment of financing.