S3ISignatures, Sensors, & Signal Procession Integration
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S3I adds the IBAC sensor (Instantaneous Bioaerosol Analyzer and Collector) to ICx's highly sophisticated biological-detection product line.
Both ICx and S3I share the vision of protecting people and critical infrastructure from potentially devastating biological attacks," said Dr.
S3I sensors together with our advanced bio samplers and rapid identification tools will provide us with one of the broadest and most compelling technology platforms in this huge emerging market.
ICx acquires the business of S3I for approximately $5.
This is the most significant advancement in speaker technology in nearly 75 years -- our DDrive and XDrive offer audio opportunities unavailable from conventional box speakers on the market today," says Steve Saint-Vincent, president of S3I.
Saint-Vincent says the team at S3I developed the DDrive and XDrive concept at its Ames research center in early 2002.
Saint-Vincent says S3I knew it had created innovative technology -- but had no idea it would attract so much attention this quickly.
Christopher Berlandier, a founder and the current CEO/CTO of S3I, is a 15-year veteran in the software integration industry and the architect of S3I's software platform.
Specializing in designing, developing and applying powerful simulation software products, S3I was founded in 1993 by its principals, Wayne Zandbergen and Garth Morgan.
Wayne Zandbergen, S3I's President and CEO, said, "Looking over our business profiles and product lines, it's obvious that S3I and SM&A's Systems Solutions Group are a natural fit.
At S3I, we combined conceptual experience with technical innovation into a unique development approach that suggests significant benefits across the lifecycle of an M&S product.
S3I Holding recently announced the release of a full-featured Alpha version of Securesoft Systems' Immunity 2.