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S3MSoftware Support and System Management
S3MScream Tracker 3 Module (computer music file format/extension)
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The relation of the basic period for the columns S1, S3, and S6 is 1:1.33:2.82, and the relation for the columns S1m, S3m, and S6m is 1: 1.30:2.8.
Specifically, for the S3 and S3m columns, three identical tests were performed for the artificial and Petrovac accelerograms.
For the columns S1m, S3m, and S6m with a mass at the top, the maximum base acceleration [a.sub.gmax] in their limit state is shown in Figure 6.
Figure 10 presents the horizontal displacements of the column S3m for the Petrovac accelerogram for some [a.sub.gmax].
Based on the results of the performed shake-table study on the behaviour and ultimate bearing capacity of the freestanding small-scale multidrum columns (S1, S3, and S6; S1m, S3m, and S6m) formed from one, three, and six blocks through their height with stone powder joints with variations in the columns gravity load (S1, S3, and S6: only self-weight; S1m, S3m, and S6m: self-weight and 500 kg mass at the top) and three different successively increased horizontal base accelerations (artificial, Petrovac, and Ston accelerograms), the main conclusions given below can be drawn.
The columns loaded with self-weight only (S1, S3, and S6) and the identical columns with a mass at their top (S1m, S3m, and S6m) had a similar effect to the number of blocks on their bearing capacity.
The ratios of the bearing capacity for the Petrovac accelerogram were S1 : S3 : S6 = 1 : 1.22 : 1.33 and S1m : S3m : S6m = 1 : 1.42 : 1.57.
Caption: Figure 6: Maximum base acceleration [a.sub.gmax] in the limit state of the columns S1m, S3m, and S6m.
Caption: Figure 10: Horizontal displacements [u.sub.1] to [u.sub.6] of the column S3m for the Petrovac accelerogram at some [a.sub.gmax].
Readers of the report were informed that for more information--presumably about the specific findings of the S3M report--they should contact UNICEF: