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Due to the process characteristics of a specialized low temperature carburizing treatment (Bodycote S3P Process) it is possible to uniformly harden even the smallest holes in stainless steel.
But low temperature surface hardening with Bodycote S3P treatments allow bulk material processing of small components in high quantities, that meet the cost targets of OEM's.
Khait says the S3P process also shows promise in reprocessing a mix of FR-ABS and HIPS with different viscosities.
Analysing Wood Surface Roughness Using an S3P Perthometer and Computer Based Data Processing, Proceedings of XIII Sesja Naukowa Badania dla Meblarstwa, pp.
The wireless industry's first communications processor consists of WLI's S3P (Spread Spectrum Signal Processor), microcontroller and RF transceiver.
The S3P processor has a low-cost architecture with major consumer benefits, supports full-duplex voice link, and simplifies application of SST technology in cordless phones for a new quality and capability level surpassing all other devices on the market.
The WLT9010 S3P Communication Processor, available this month, is priced at $16 in 10,000 quantities, and comes in a 64-pin PFQP.