S3PShikimate 3 Phosphate
S3PSCSI 3 Protocol
S3PSorbitol 3-Phosphate
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Khait says the S3P process also shows promise in reprocessing a mix of FR-ABS and HIPS with different viscosities.
The wireless industry's first communications processor consists of WLI's S3P (Spread Spectrum Signal Processor), microcontroller and RF transceiver.
The S3P processor has a low-cost architecture with major consumer benefits, supports full-duplex voice link, and simplifies application of SST technology in cordless phones for a new quality and capability level surpassing all other devices on the market.
The WLT9010 S3P Communication Processor, available this month, is priced at $16 in 10,000 quantities, and comes in a 64-pin PFQP.