S3TSmart Structural Systems Technologies
S3TSequentially Sampling Sediment Trap
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n Minimo Maximo Media e Desvio Padrao S1T 9 22,166 82,505 45,585 [+ o -] 18,852 S2T 9 20,345 68,521 34,916 [+ o -] 14,630 S3T 9 38,146 91,182 71,410 [+ o -] 20,303 S4T 9 17,387 70,507 42,945 [+ o -] 15,415 Tabela 2 - Valores minimos, maximos e media desvio padrao em ng/ml.
Atlas Material Testing Technology (atlas-mts.com) will showcase an upgraded full-spectrum xenon instrument, the Ci4000 Weather-Ometer, which features a new user interface along with enhancements such as an integrated FSM full-spectrum monitoring system, WXView/WeatherView data acquisition software, S3T online specimen surface-temperature measurement system, and RD-3T specimen holders that can reduce rack-loading time by more than half.
To accomplish this, SKZ is using a Ci4000 Weather-Ometer with Specific Specimen Surface Temperature System (S3T) from Atlas.
* S3T (Specimen Specific Surface Temperature) for Temperature Measurement and Recording in a Weather-Omcter Atlas introduces its new S3T Technology to provide accurate surface temperature measurements for materials under a wide range of weathering conditions.
2A, the G9123A mutation was detected in the 390-bp digestion product of the mtDNA of SCC tumor S3T. Fig.