S3TCS3 Texture Compression
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S3 Texture Compression (S3TC) (called DXTC in DirectX) is a local palette technique, which uses 4x4 or 8x8 pixel blocks and achieves four bits per pixel (bpp) [2].
The Android Texture Compression sample allows developers to easily compare textures of five different texture compression file formats: Portable Network Graphics* (PNG), Ericsson Texture Compression* (ETC), Ericsson Texture Compression 2* (ETC2), PowerVR Texture Compression* (PVRTC), and S3 Texture Compression* (S3TC), which is also known as DirectX Texture Compression* (DXTC).
1 graphic chip designer, licensing its patented, cutting-edge image processing, compression, and decompression technologies, such as S3 Texture Compression (S3TC), for the Microsoft Xbox, Sony Play Station and Nintendo Wii.
According to the company, in the industry the technology is known as S3 Texture Compression (S3TC) and is widely licensed and implemented.
To change the colour of the levels in Multiplayer mode, enter S3TC OOLC OLOR
S3 already uses the technology - dubbed S3TC - in its own chips - the compression algorithm will be incorporated in the Dolphin's graphics accelerator, which was designed by ArtX Inc.
Built around a new 128-bit super pipelined 3D engine, Savage4 provides AGP 4X technology, true 32-bit 3D rendering, S3TC, trilinear filtered single-pass multi- texturing, hardware accelerated DVD, 32MB memory support and complete digital flat panel support.
The acquisition has brought HTC 235 registered and pending patents, including the unique S3 Texture Compression Algorithms (S3TC).
To change colour of the levels in Multiplayer mode enter S3TC OOLC OLOR S???