S4AScouting for All
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Correspondingly, the frequencies of hypothyroidism as a secondary diagnosis in patients hospitalized for the studied diseases (see Tables S4A to S4D) seem to approach successively the prevalence of hypothyroidism as estimated in the elderly population (Laurberg et al.
Under the new partner in Europe S4A will be able to resell Blue Sky Network's family of aviation products based on two-way messaging, voice, and Iridium-based satellite tracking technology.
Receiving this STC from EASA reaffirms our reasoning for partnering with Blue Sky Network," said Francisco Guerrero, S4A CEO.
That got delayed due to lack of clarity in guidelines and the route to be followed - be it S4A, JLF or CDR.
Blue Sky Network (BSN), a leading, global provider of satellite tracking and communication solutions for aviation, land, and marine, today announced its partnership with S4A (Solutions For Aviation), a supplier of aviation equipment and services located in El Puerto de Santa Maria (Cadiz), Spain.
Most banks have declared their exposure to Essar Steel as non performing and if the promoters infuse capital, the banks would be willing to take some haircut under the S4A scheme," the analysts said.
The fourth subordinate series 2005 S4A and S4B tax-exempt capital appreciation bonds will not be rated.
Currently, SDR allows banks to throw the existing management out, while S4A permits conversion of unsustainable debt into equity by retaining the existing promoter.
Neil Reynolds, chairman of S4A, said: "The location and timing of the AGM was contentious.
Investors are encouraged to review Catalytica's Form 10K for the year ending December 31, 1999, Form 10Qs for the quarters ending March 31, 1999, and June 30, 1999, and Form S4A dated August 24, 1999, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission for discussion of additional factors that could affect Catalytica's future performance.
In order to make haircuts easier for banks, there is already a provision of an oversight committee of independent professionals under S4A to take a decision.