S4BSkype for Business (online communications)
S4BStay for Breakfast (hotel promotional code)
S4BSolutions for Business (software company; Uganda)
S4BSaturn V Third Stage
S4BStuffing for Brains (polite form)
S4BServices for Business Ltd. (Northamptonshire, UK)
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Also, under visible light irradiations (Figure S4b), the sample [NS.sub.0.6]-[T.sub.FA] showed a rate constant value of 0.22 [min.sup.-1] which is nearly 1.6 times higher than [(NS).sub.0.08]-[T.sub.AA] powder which showed the highest activity among the doped powders employing acetic acid in the photocatalyst synthesis process.
However, the SNP rs11764843 was mapped to a region with a high recombination rate, which is the same region that shapes haplotype blocks (Figures 2(a) and S4A), and the second SNP rs17413103 has a moderate recombination rate between blocks 1 and 2 (Figures 2(b) and S4B).
The injector, a part of a contact angle meter, is composed of a micrometer, a syringe holder, and a translator (Figure S4B).
Histologically, this repair tissue stained strongly for Safranin-O and type 2 collagen, similar to hyaline cartilage (Figures 7(c) and 7(d) and Supplementary Figure S4B).
The gene cluster harboring the gene is conserved in YN3 and Dehalococcoides (Figure S4B, supplementary material).
Two patients were identified with clinical stage S4B had squamous cell carcinoma.
"The Walking Dead" Average Viewership 2010 2011-2012 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 S1 5.2m (2.7) S2A 6.5m (3.4) S2B 7.4m (3.9) S3A 10.1m (5.3) S3B 11.4m (5.8) S4A 13m (6.6) S4B 13.7 (6.9) S5A 14.6m S5B 14.2 (7.3) (XX) = 18-49 Demo Rating Viewership growth 5.3m (2.7) First episode Oct.
In addition, no viral DNA was detected in DNase I-treated RNA samples (Figure S4B), confirming that we had successfully removed contaminating viral DNA.
We have to mention that threephase systems need 3 reference signals, phase shifted by 2n/3, therefore signal DPWM-S4 becomes s4a, s4b and s4c (Fig.
I was surprised to see the excellent high-resolution photo of the Apollo 13 S4B impact crater and ray system on the Moon (July issue, page 18), and both pleased and relieved to see that it confirmed my rather tentative identification made in 1972 from a lengthy examination of hand-held Hasselblad 500mm camera images from Apollo 14.