S4KShakespeare 4 Kidz (UK)
S4KSearching for Knowledge (consultant firm; Sweden)
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S4K have toured around the globe, introducing millions of young people to the magical world of Shakespeare and recently performed in Bahrain and Dubai.
Every S4K show uses the whole Shakespearean plot, slotting the most famous original lines into modern language so that everyone - even the youngest primary school children - can understand.
Paul Kemble joins the cast as Lord Capulet, fresh from his 2015 West End stints in Made in Dagenham and Kiss Me Kate, as well as a surprise return to the stage by S4K creative director Julian Chenery as Lord Montague.
The production is one of six S4K titles, following on from the 2009/10 national and international hit tour of Macbeth.
This is the eighth consecutive year that S4K is performing in Bahrain and its shows have always been of a high calibre and truly entertaining to watch.
S4K has been entertaining Bahrain's audiences for the last eight years with their culturally enriching, magical, musical adaptations of Shakespeare's plays.
The S4K version turns Macbeth into a musical thriller with gruesome ghosts and even a forest that moves.
THE UK's finest S4K theatre productions bring the all-time favourite classic tale of Pinocchio to Bahrain this weekend.
S4K Theatre Company is on its way to Bahrain to launch the international section of its 2013 tour.
S4K has performed productions in Bahrain for the past five years.
S4K has introduced millions of young people to the world of Shakespeare in the last 15 years with its modern musical adaptations of Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Twelfth Night, The Tempest and Hamlet.
Children as young as six can watch the show and adults who have been put off Shakespeare due to boring lessons at school will be amazed at how S4K shakes up Shakespeare to tell the tale clearly and concisely, said organisers.