S4LSingle 4 Life
S4LScience for Life (education challenge; Bayer)
S4LSkills for Living, Inc (Houston, TX)
S4LSkate for Life
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The initial goal of the S4L team was to organize a triathlon, which has become one of the most popular mass participation sports in Greece.
In terms of the Well-Being Festival, the S4L team implemented an experiential learning approach with participants, primarily through sporting activities and alternative therapies.
As a non-profit entity, the goal of the S4L team was to ensure the financial viability for the organization and staging of the event, as well as secure the fundraising and cause-related component.
The S4L also organized promotional raffles and sold tickets to participants by giving out donated items by sponsors.
The S4L team did not implement a formal process for evaluating the impact of sponsorship and the sponsor-cause fit.
The main purpose of the event was to increase awareness of the social activities of S4L and to celebrate life by implementing an educational and entertaining approach to sports, alternative therapies, and social inclusion.
As the S4L team reflects upon sponsorship outcomes of the first Well-Being Festival and prepares for the staging of the second event, there is a need for this non-profit body to continue to explore the role of sponsorship in its strategic plan, the communications mix, and the overall organizational context.