S4RSystems 4 Recycling (waste product)
S4RShuffle Sudden Step Step Revolution
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As a pioneer of the new "netsourcing" market segment, S4R targets companies such as Novatel Wireless that require competitive, full-service dedicated hosting and managed IT service solutions.
S4R, a "netsourcing" solution provider, offers dedicated hosting and managed IT services, with high levels of reliability, scalability and security for a cost-effective monthly fee.
COM's business strategy to provide a distributed platform of co-location solutions will enable S4R to reach the next milestone in the company's market presence and overall growth.
S4R manages the network infrastructure for the storage and processing of Java applets and controls, as well as supporting NETGUI's additional features such as Web site visitor-tracking services.
It has the power and presence to be totally useable and yet comes with a pounds 7,000 price tag - pounds 1,300 less than the superbike-engined S4R, which can look cluttered with all the water-cooling pipework.
MZ claims 113bhp for the 1000SF ( that's more than Ducati's 916-engined Monster S4R ( and the end result should be about 100bhp at the back wheel.
401-2206 Dewdney Avenue, Regina, SK, Canada, S4R 1H3
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Regina, SK S4R 5B7, or leave a message in the online guest book at http://metcom.
In order for numerical modeling ABAQUS software and 4-node shell elements called S4R have been used.
The S4R employs the compact, rugged Mercury PowerStream(R) 7000 as the digital beamforming (DBF) signal processor, today's most advanced approach to phased-array antenna pattern control.
They come with everything from the basic 600cc engines up to the mighty S4R with Ducati's legendary 996cc Superbike motor.