S4RSystems 4 Recycling (waste product)
S4RSomething for Randy (comedy)
S4RShuffle Sudden Step Step Revolution
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So the Monster still has some life in it, from the basic pounds 5,000 620 through to the fire breathing S4R.
Mutation (a) location Promoter 1 -2044C>A Promoter 2 -1793T>A 3 -1699-(-1698)insT 4 -1320A>G 5 -692G>C 6 -172G>T -111C>T 7 -54G>T -38C>A 8 12C>G S4R Exon 1 17C>T A6V 24G>A T8T 9 118A>G N40D 10 440C>G S147C Exon 2 454A>G N152D 11 IVS2 31G>A Intron 2 IVS2 106T>C IVS2 691C>G (=1031C>G) 12 IVS2 397T>A IVS2 438G>A 13 779G>A R260H Exon 3 794G>A R265H 802T>C S268P 820G>A K273A 14 877G>A 1877V 942G>A T314T Assay Nucleotide sequence to be no.
Regina, SK S4R 5B7, or leave a message in the online guest book at http://metcom.
In order for numerical modeling ABAQUS software and 4-node shell elements called S4R have been used.
They come with everything from the basic 600cc engines up to the mighty S4R with Ducati's legendary 996cc Superbike motor.
Shell element S4R is employed to mesh pipeline, and hexahedral element C3D8R is used to simulate the backfill soil and stratum.
14, elements of concrete, longitudinal bar and stirrup, and FRP have chosen to be C3D8R (Solid element family), B31 (Beam element family), and S4R (Shell element family), respectively.
There will also be the current range of Monsters including the 695, S2R1000, S4R and S4RS, plus the limited edition S4RS Tricolore which is coming to the UK in very limited numbers.
N Regina, SK Canada S4R 0V2 (306) 586-5757 (306) 545-0199 (fax) * scepcentre@asksympatico.