S4BSkype for Business (online communications)
S4BStay for Breakfast (hotel promotional code)
S4BSolutions for Business (software company; Uganda)
S4BSaturn V Third Stage
S4BStuffing for Brains (polite form)
S4BServices for Business Ltd. (Northamptonshire, UK)
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After implementing the above software on the microcontroller, signals s4a s4b and s5a s5b are obtained and shown in Fig.
Using this criterion, I found images of three other artificial impact craters by their ray systems: Rangers 7 and 9 as well as Apollo 14 S4B.
A contract has been signed to agree S4B which includes Contour Homes as the chosen consortium to deliver the 25-year regeneration of a Manchester neighbourhood confirming the area s long awaited transformation.
S4B is a new consortium that was created specifically to drive the Brunswick development, made up of four specialist organisations which will input their expertise in different areas of the project.
S4B consortium has secured a contract from Manchester City Council in UK to deliver Au100 million ($163 million) Brunswick regeneration project in East Manchester.
The Equitix-led S4B consortium, which includes Galliford Try and Contour Homes, will deliver the 25-year regeneration project.
Under the deal, S4B consortium will deliver more than 500 new family homes including 200 council homes and over 300 homes for sale.
Participants at each experience level responded that working knowledge of both safety assessment and risk assessment is required in their professional practice (see Supplemental Material, Figure S4B.
MSCs from female mice showed strongly decreased ALP and Runx2 expression in F1 and F3 generations and a slight decrease in F2 [see Supplemental Material, Figure S4B (http://dx.