S65CSerine 65 to Cysteine
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The S65C mutation introduces an additional 3rd mismatch between primer and target, because the S65C mutation is also located in the binding site of the reverse 63mut primer.
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HFE S65C variant is not associated with increased transferrin saturation in voluntary blood donors.
It is noteworthy that 24 (57%) of the participants made no efforts for identification and that 27 (64%) and 26 (62%) of the participants did not comment on the heterozygous H63D or the S65C compound heterozygosity, respectively.
Unlike the validated cell lines in this study, the NIGMS cell lines have not been tested for the recently described mutation S65C (30, 31).
We found that this cell line is heterozygous for S65C (15) in the HFE gene as well as heterozygous for type 2 [alpha]-thalassemia.
This design allowed amplicons containing either the wild-type codon 65 or the S65C mutation equally to hybridize to the microwells.
DNA samples harboring the C282Y, H63D, or S65C mutations, identified by PCR and restriction enzyme assays as described previously (9,18), were collected from local hospital patients for whom a molecular diagnosis of HC was requested.