S911Serine at Position 911
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Now that the USPTO has awarded a patent to IP911 Resource, the company can afford to focus all its resources on developing and perfecting its S911 technology.
2) Their distribution is: Warks S79; Worcs S1329, S1361, S64(ii), S1599; Gloucs S467, S553, S786(vi), S1551; Somerset: S563, S793; Dorset S419(ii), S423, S4459, S656(i), S710, S96; Wilts S364, S881, S899, S891(i) (x2), S275(i) (x 2), S540 (x 2), S393(i) (x 2), S229(i) (x 2), S1581(i), S1577(i) (x 2), S1583, S1579; Hants S412 (x 3), S1275, S693(i), S842(v), S1007; Sussex S108(i), S50(iv); Kent S316, S1434(i); Surrey S528(x 2), S847(i), S911 (vi), S911(vii); Herts S916(iii); Berks S529, S542, S605 (x 3), S614 (x 2), S567; Oxon S887(ii); Hunts S437; Lincs S782.
the global leader in GPS tracking, today announced that it's GPS tracking watch, Laipac S911 Bracelet Locator, selected as one of the top ten "Security's Best" 2010 ASIS Accolades competition; sponsored by ASIS International, the preeminent organization for security professionals worldwide.