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SA8000Social Accountability 8000
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With this achievement, 100 percent of Chiquita's owned banana farms in Latin America are now certified to the SA8000 international labor standard in addition to the stringent environmental standards of the Rainforest Alliance.
In particular, the SA8000 standard, based on the Conventions of the International Labour Organisation and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, considers a range of topics including working hours and conditions, equal-opportunity provisions, compensation and management practices.
Miele is the first German company to achieve SA8000 certification, as a solid proof of its commitment to the highest standards.
Some have gone further, such as Edegel and EEPSA (in Peru), achieving certification for the SA8000 Internal Social Responsibility Standard.
Management systems such as MRP-II and 5S are common and some firms are applying for TS16949 and SA8000 certifications.
Two different kinds of certifications were examined, namely Friend of the Sea, which involves environmental aspects, and SA8000, related to workers' rights and more general social attributes.
The SA8000 standard is based on a number of existing international human rights' standards including the United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and aims at the improvement of working conditions in the workplace (for all staff members, including temporary workers).
Alcantara also closely audits its supply chain, requesting that its suppliers and partners respect the universal principles of protecting human rights, working standards, the environment, the fight against corruption and all requisites laid down by the SA8000 standard.
The SA8000 Standard is one of the world's first auditable social standards for decent workplaces, and is regarded as a reliable tool in measuring, comparing, and verifying social accountability in workplace.
ZMC's facilities are FDA Registered, cCMP, OHSAS18000, 15014001, HACCP, SA8000, IS022000 and USP-Dietary Ingredient Verified.
Saqer said the Golden Peacock Award is a testimony of Dubai Customs' achievements in the CSR field, namely receiving the Social Accountability certificate SA8000, catering to all community segments, addressing environmental topics, and raising awareness of IPR and risks of using counterfeit products.