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SA8000Social Accountability 8000
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In fact, firms in the middle of the supply chain prefer to use industry specific certificates (such as the OHSAS 18000 or REACH for the chemical industry), whereas businesses close to end consumers prefer to adopt broad certificates that focus on different issues at the same time, such as SA8000 or AA1000 (Klassen & Vereecke, 2012).
The least represented tools were the use of the social responsibility standard and SA8000 improvement of workplace conditions standard (7 respondents; 1.57 percent), a social audit was carried out only by 9 respondents (2.02 percent), and the STN ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Direction, which is almost identical as for the contents, was used only by 12 respondents (2.70 percent).
Darbo santykiu Darbo santykiu vadybos sistemas (SA8000, OHSAS 18001) sertifikavusiu imoniu skaicius klausimai Darbuotoju, priklausanciu profsajungai, dalis Lyciu lygybe versle ir valdymo srityje Mirtimi pasibaigusiu nelaimingu atsitikimu / 100 000 darbuotoju 6.
Tailoring corporate responsibility to suppliers: Managing SA8000 in Indian garment manufacturing.
In recent years, a wide range of certificates (e.g., SA8000, ISO26000) have become available.
Some credible and popular measurement methods for social performance include SA8000 [25], ETI [26], FLA [27], GC [28], GSLCAP [29], and GRI [30].
Algunas de las herramientas mas extendidas actualmente aplicadas a la gestion de la RSC son la ISO 26000 (65), la norma SA8000 (66) y la SGE21 (67) y el marco GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) de Memorias de Sostenibilidad (68).
This integration can be implemented in operational or strategic level and helps generate risk management measures and environmental and social standards such as ISO 14.001 to environmental and SA8000 for social purposes and accountability.
The global activist non-governmental organisation Social Accountability International launched SA8000, a standard for labour, environment and human rights issues, with ISO 'camouflage'.